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3 Guys Grill: Where food, friends, and flavors unite. Born from a shared passion for exceptional dining, our restaurant in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, is a place where delicious moments are crafted. From handcrafted dishes sourced from local suppliers to warm hospitality, we invite you to join our extended family and experience the magic of food, friendship, and community.

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Faladi yFaladi y
02:25 29 May 23
One aspect that impressed me during my visit to 3 Guys Grill was the impeccable cleanliness of the restaurant. From the entrance to the dining area, everything was spotless. The tables were meticulously wiped down, and the floors appeared well-maintained. This attention to cleanliness gave me confidence in the overall hygiene standards of the establishment.In terms of consistent quality, 3 Guys Grill truly excelled. I have dined at this restaurant on multiple occasions, and each time the food has been consistently delicious. Whether I ordered their signature burger or tried one of their sandwiches, the flavors were always on point. The ingredients were fresh, and the presentation was visually appealing. This level of consistency is a testament to the skill and dedication of the kitchen staff.Furthermore, I appreciated that 3 Guys Grill maintained its high standards not only with the food but also with the service. Each time I visited, the friendly and attentive staff ensured a smooth dining experience. They paid attention to details. Their consistent commitment to providing excellent service further enhanced my overall satisfaction.Overall, I was impressed by the consistent quality of the food and the meticulous cleanliness at 3 Guys Grill. It's evident that the restaurant takes pride in maintaining high standards in all aspects of their operation. Whether it's the culinary creations or the welcoming environment, 3 Guys Grill sets itself apart by delivering a consistently exceptional dining experience.
01:08 23 May 23
I went here for the first time last Friday, the food was excellent! The gyro burger is amazing and the seasoning used on the fries is OUTSTANDING. I ordered online and bought three separate sides of fries, only to find two in the bag when I got home. I live in a different county from this place and couldn't drive back during rush hour traffic, so I called the store and the manager was quick to apologize and offer me a side of fries for free the next time I came in. For the prices and quality of food, I will definitely be back!
Charles SimmonsCharles Simmons
02:15 04 Apr 23
I was so glad I decided to go here today for lunch they have the best and I mean the best chicken wings the burger I had is delicious I will definitely be going back there and if you haven't been there please go. C-LOC
Alador YemaneabAlador Yemaneab
18:24 02 Apr 23
Food was amazing! I had a double guy burger and it was delicious.
Mo PMo P
01:03 23 Mar 23
Me and my kids try out places we haven’t been, so we tried this place. Service was great, food was good, place very clean. Definitely going back for more

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